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Ohana Ukuleles Starter Pack Colors Soprano


Kick-start your ukulele playing adventure with the Ohana Ukulele Starter Pack!


The Ohana Ukulele Starter Pack includes your choice of color from our  SK-10 colored series, or if you prefer the classic look, with a number of quality accessories and learning materials. They all come stored in a sturdy carrying box that is perfect for storing in a workshop space or home setting.

Each Ohana Ukulele Starter Pack includes:

  • Soprano Ukulele
  • Backpack style gig bag
  • Tuner
  • Jeffrey Thomas Lessons Online Card
  • Strap
  • Music Chart Pamphlet
  • One Sticker (colors may vary)

Every ukulele included in the Ohana Ukulele Starter Pack will have an installed strap pin and shoulder strap for ease of playing while standing. Our quality strap will make sure your ukulele stays secure while turning pages or giving high-fives!


The GB-21 gig bag features back-pack style straps that facilitate traveling for off-site learning opportunities or jam sessions.

Ohana has partnered with Jeffery Thomas to offer one free ukulele lesson via Skype with each Ohana Starter Pack. This talented instructor will work to find a convenient time for your lesson, no matter where in the world you’re learning from!

jeffrey thomas ukulele lessons

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Also available in our classic or pineapple sopranos!

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