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Bongolele® OH-BLM Spruce and Mahogany


Our Bongolele® is a pro-quality, ukulele shaped, bongo drum. It can be played with your hands- like a true bongo, or possibly with soft mallets. It is designed for percussionists of all levels. The Daniel Ho trio makes use of one of these. Great addition to any uke circle!



The Bongolele’s shape is taken from a tenor uke, but its hollow back allows it to play like a bongo drum. This percussion instrument was modeled for those who enjoy playing the Cajon or the Bongos. Its unique design and construction is built for maximum tone and durability, providing you with a very relaxed earthy sound.



  • Spruce Top
  • Mahogany sides
  • Laser engraved decorative rosette
  • Ohana logo and Daniel Ho signature
  • Measures about 12″ x 9″ x 3.75″ deep

Available Sizes:


Size: Concert
List Price: $175


Size: Tenor
List Price: $189


Learn the many ways the Ohana Bongolele® and Shakerlele® can be played! Friends of Ohana Randy Drake and Grammy award winner, Daniel Ho, demonstrate just how versatile the Bongolele® is!