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Learn to play with Ohana’s Ukulele Starter Pack!

Ohana Introduces Quality Ukulele Starter Pack

Ohana proudly introduces our Ukulele Starter Pack, complete with everything you need to begin your ukulele playing adventure!

Each Pack includes a choice from our classic or colored SK-10 and PK-10 ukuleles with a number of quality accessories and learning materials all stowed in a sturdy carrying box–perfect for stacking in a teaching or workshop space, or to keep your instrument safe when it isn’t being played.

Featured accessories include a carrying bag for playing on the go, with a handy pocket for the CT-22 Chromatic Tuner. This functional, and often overlooked, little accessory will ensure you’re playing in tune, as the display turns green when the ukulele hits the correct pitch! The GB-21 bag features robust stitching and quality hardware, including backpack-style carrying straps for off-site learning opportunities and jam sessions.

Every ukulele included in the Ohana Starter Pack will include an installed strap pin and shoulder strap for ease of playing while standing. Our quality strap will make sure your ukulele stays secure while turning pages or giving high-fives!

Even more great news?!  Ohana has paired with Jeffery Thomas to offer one free ukulele lesson via Skype with each Ohana Starter Pack. This talented instructor will work to find a convenient time for your lesson, no matter where in the world you’re learning to play from!

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At Ohana, we believe that a key element to learning a new instrument is to eliminate as much frustration as possible. Our multipoint set up and quality check of each ukulele ensures you receive a quality instrument free of frustration inducing structural and intonation issues.


Start your ukulele learning adventure with Ohana today!

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