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Dealer Spotlight: Cal Heights Music

Cal Heights Music is right here in our little metropolis of Long Beach, California. When we heard about a space specializing in lessons and education for youngsters in the area— well, that’s what we’re all about!  Get those kiddos started with their lifelong love of music as soon as possible with an Ohana Uke!

If you live in the area, check out this super welcoming space full of music and love.

Becca Mohler (center) // Image Source: instagram- @calheightsmusic


Company: Cal Heights Music
Name: Becca
Position: co-owner, buyer, teacher
Years at Company: 1
Main Focus: I mainly teach ukulele and guitar



How long has your company been in business?

We have been open 8 months! Yay!


What makes your store stand out?

We have a small curated music shop inside our music school. We call it the Cal Heights Music General Store! We have strings and capos, straps and cases, and of course an amazing selection of Ohana SK-10 color series ukuleles! Everything is hand-picked and comes from our deep love of music and gear!!!


Community programs you’re involved in?

We are quite new and will be launching our free concert series soon as well as our fundraiser concert series to raise money for local arts programs in Long Beach. We can’t wait!


How did you get started in musical instrument sales?

We knew right away when we opened our music school that having a retail component was very important to us. We love instruments and sharing our love for cool musical gear is just a part of what we wanted at Cal Heights Music.


Favorite age to teach?

All ages are super fun! We are an all ages and all levels music school. We have amazing baby and toddler classes with little ones as young as a few months old having fun listening to music and we have individual and group lessons for kids and adults of all ages!


Studio Space/Host Performances/Regular Community-Open Events?

We have a great sized room in our school where we host our fun group classes! We are about to put together our fall schedule which will come out mid-summer! It will be full of fun ukulele classes, guitar group lessons, our baby/toddler programs, some really fun workshops, featured artist performances, and more!

Image Source: instagram- @calheightsmusic


Why are Ohana Ukuleles a good product for your space?

We love the quality of the instruments, the beautiful colors the ukuleles come in, and the sound and playability of the ukuleles!

Ohana Ukuleles are a great product for our space because they are beautiful instruments with incredible sound. And on top of that the Ohana SK-10 color series just pops! We love bright fun and exciting colors. The SK-10’s are just perfect with the feel and vibe of our space! And we love to support local businesses and Ohana is just up the street from us! It’s perfect!

We love how responsive Ohana is, how easy they are to work with, and love getting the newsletters with the great special buys!


Which Ohana uke is your favorite? Why?

Obsessed with the turquoise SK-10!!! The color is instant inspiration and that’s what you want with an instrument, it should be inspiring to play, and that color just does it for me!!


For more be sure to check out Cal Heights Music at https://www.calheightsmusic.com/ or on their instagram!